Pranav Rajpurkar Jeremy Irvin Kaylie Zhu Brandon Yang Hershel Mehta Tony Duan Daisy Ding Aarti Bagul Robyn L. Ball Curtis Langlotz Katie Shpanskaya Matthew P. Lungren Andrew Y. Ng




We develop an algorithm that can detect pneumonia from chest X-rays at a level exceeding practicing radiologists. Our algorithm, CheXNet, is a 121-layer convolutional neural network trained on ChestX-ray14, currently the largest publicly available chest Xray dataset, containing over 100,000 frontal-view X-ray images with 14 diseases. Four practicing academic radiologists annotate a test set, on which we compare the performance of CheXNet to that of radiologists. We find that CheXNet exceeds average radiologist performance on the F1 metric. We extend CheXNet to detect all 14 diseases in ChestX-ray14 and achieve state of the art results on all 14 diseases.


Figure 1. CheXNet is a 121-layer convolutional neural network that takes a chest X-ray image as input, and outputs the probability of a pathology. On this example, CheXnet correctly detects pneumonia and also localizes areas in the image most indicative of the pathology.

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